Adoption Information

Adoption Information

Included with every Inland Doodles Puppy:

  • 2 year health guarantee
  • First vaccines
  • Regular deworming every two weeks
  • Health and immunization records
  • Puppy collar
  • Baggie of puppy’s food
  • A small towel that smells like mom and litter mates (to help adjust to new bedding)

We accept deposits on puppies that have been born, so that you know the specific puppy that you are reserving. We expect a variety of colors and coat types, so we feel it is best NOT to reserve puppies before they are born. *See note on non-refundable deposits below*

Weekly photos of the groups of puppies as well as individual photos will be on the website! If you are choosing your puppies from a distance, no worries! We would be happy to make an appointment to FaceTime or call you and discuss which puppy is the best match for you.

About bring your puppy home: Puppies will be ready to go home when they are 8-9 weeks of age. You may pick up your puppy here on the farm, or in the Seattle area when we bring our “westside” puppies over as a group (at no extra cost). We can usually accommodate a “meet partway” situation for those who are driving a very long distance for their dog. (Gas fee applies) If you are not able to receive your puppy by age 9 weeks, we will happily board your puppy here on the farm for $5 per day boarding fee.

Paying for your puppy: We require a $300 deposit to reserve your puppy. The remaining final payment may be made at anytime before your puppy comes to you, although we do appreciate final payment by 6 weeks of age. If you feel you must meet your puppy before final payment/delivery, we ask that you call us and schedule a visit here on our farm. If you live at a distance we are also happy to FaceTime/send you a video so you can see your puppy in action. The state of Washington requires us to collect sales tax for each puppy sold.

Visitors: We are extremely vigilant about protecting our puppies from outside diseases before they have had their vaccinations at 5-6 weeks of age. Therefore we do not allow “just lookers” before they have some protection from their vaccinations. However, if you have already purchased a puppy and are just waiting to take them home, we can usually arrange a visit. If you feel you must meet your puppy before making a deposit, we welcome you to do that AFTER the pups have had their first vaccines. We will hold a “meet and greet” for puppies that are still available at this time, and you will be able to reserve any puppy that is not previously reserved. We do not guarantee that we will have available puppies at 5-6 weeks of age, but we usually do.

Note about non-refundable deposits: When you make a deposit, we are counting on you to follow through with your commitment to one of our puppies, therefore our deposits on non-refundable. Please make sure you are truly committed to brining a puppy into your home BEFORE you make your deposit, that puppy is waiting for you and it’s important to us to know that each puppy has a committed situation. If you choose not to go through with bringing your puppy home, your deposit will not be returned.

We highly recommend the book “The Art of Raising a Puppy”, by the Monks of New Skete. It is truly an excellent guide to raising your perfect dog, and will be an indispensable reference for you as you begin life with your new companion.

Your puppy will come with a 2 year guarantee for any genetic condition that significantly affect their quality of life.  You can read our health guarantee and purchase agreement HERE.

Nearly all our puppies are sold as pets (not for breeding), therefore we request a commitment from each of our puppies owners that you will have your puppy neutered at an appropriate age. If you are a breeder and wish to select a breeding dog, please let us know and we will work with you, and provide you with a guarantee appropriate for a breeding dog. We do have extra costs for dogs that will be used for breeding.

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