Puppy Gear

Nature’s Miracle
This is the #1 item on this list for a reason! Although we do our best to give your pup habits for going potty outside, puppies will be puppies and accidents happen. Don’t be shy with the stuff. It works wonders for carpets and will erase the scent of your dog’s potty mistake, so they won’t be triggered to go there again.
A Metal Dog Crate
Make sure you get a crate that has a movable divider. This is important because a large or extra large crate will be too large for your puppy and with a movable divider you can gradually expand the crate as your dog grows. The other benefit of these crates is that they have a tray floor that slides our and can be washed (or hosed down) if the need arises. Many brands are collapsible so they are easy to travel with.
A lightweight leash
Chew toys and bones
Puppies have to chew. The best way to avoid getting your valuables chewed on is to give your puppy something appropriate to chew on. Chewing is natural, but problematic and destructive chewing can occur if a puppy does not have enough exercise or is bored. They need an outlet for their energy, so if your puppy is going crazy with the chewing, redirect them to a game of fetch or a walk.
Baby gates
Helpful for training your puppy not to go into certain rooms of your house. Use the baby gate for a few weeks until the dog grows accustomed to being left outside the gate.
I always recommend The Art of Raising a Puppy by the Monks of New Skete.
Please train your puppy while they are small and their good manners will win them friends for their whole lives. They will be welcomed at BBQ’s and vacations (my dog was in my wedding!) and will never have to be banished to the garage when you have guests over to your house. You will never regret the hours you spend training your dog to respect you, it is a worth while investment!

Other things I recommend:

Obedience classes taught by a professional.
They will give you hands on practice and they’re fun. Make sure your pup has had vaccinations completed before the class.
Take your dog with you.
Our dogs hate to be left behind and jump into the car any chance they get. Give them a treat when they hop in and they’ll look forward to it.
Unless you are a serious breeder looking to improve the breed and invest a considerable amount of money in health testing, neutering your dog is the best thing for them. It will uncomplicate your life and theirs.
Our puppies are natural retrievers, so help them along with their instincts and they will spend many hours enjoying this game with you.
Be careful about what dogs you let them come into contact with.
Even dogs that are friendly to humans can be super aggressive toward other dogs and puppies.