Our past puppies that have grown up!

We love seeing photos of our dogs as they have grown up, what they are like, how they are enriching the lives of families all over the Northwest! If you have one of our dogs, please do send us photos to share here!


From Lola and Mr. Wooster

“Koa is doing great these days! She loves napping, playing with toys by herself, and has been learning very quickly!” The W Family in Seattle Area


Lola and Mr. Wooster

“He is bright and sassy and extroverted. He’s super loyal and is equal parts mischief maker and just absolute sweetness. He loves life and being active and making new friends. My spouse and I (and our families) love this dog and thank you for bringing us together!” – The T Family in the Seattle Area


From Lola and Mr. Wooster

“She is the most absolutely sweet puppy ever. The groomers loved her so much, thanks so much she really is my dog, she follows me around and also I’m her favorite human, I’m so glad I got her!!!” – VW in Yakima


Lola and Mr. Wooster

“Just a note to say how much we love our doodle pup who is now almost 6 months from Lola and Mr. Wooster. Here’s a pic of her playing on the Oregon beach and chillin’ today after playing lots of chase with other doodles. Thank you!!!” The H Family


From Lola and Mr. Wooster

“She is one loved and spoiled pup! We joke that she’s a sloth or a human. She wants to cuddle and be held like a baby :)” -The H Family in Spokane


From Emma and Mr. Wooster

“She has lots of energy and is very smart!” -K and Family in Western Washington


From Lola and Mr. Wooster

“Theo is such a wonderful dog. We are so impressed by him and he’s super settled in. -MB in Spokane


From Lola and Mr. Wooster

“Before & After grooming for you to see how big sweet Rue is getting!!!” -M in Spokane, WA


From Lola and Mr. Wooster

“Just wanted to update you on Lucy. She’s a spoiled puppy, loves to sleep with us and always wants to play. With us being online, she gets a lot of attention, which she loves. She also got her first big-girl haircut last week so she’s not a big furball anymore. Every time we sit down for dinner, she will just sit and stare at us, waiting for a bite of food, you can see her watching us at the table in one of the photos, haha. She’s the best, we all love her!” -The P Family in Spokane


From Binty (retired) and Mr. Wooster

“Just a cute picture of Olive. We absolutely LOVE her!! She’s the best cuddler” -The J family in Spokane


From Binty (retired) and Howdy

“I just wanted to send you a picture of my 1 year old girl. She’s about 70lbs and is very smart. Thank you so much for producing a wonderful doggie.”


From Emma and Mr. Wooster

“Sending you a quick Emma update 🙂 At 7 months she’s #30. She’s smart as a whip and eager to learn! She’s very different from the labs we’ve had in the past but she’s a GREAT beach pup. She loves to retrieve and doesn’t hesitate to jump in the bay. She loves boat rides and walks on the beach (she’s a dream on leash). We love her.” -M on the Washington Coast


From Emma x Mr. Wooster

“I thought I’d share those 1 year old pics with you. Winnie has been an amazing addition to our family.”


Ruthie Photo

From Emma x Rouge

“We are in love with Ruthie and so thankful we found Inland Doodles. The boys love her so much, she is doing well and enjoying puppy kindergarten.” -The A Family >


Paddington Photo

From Emma x Rouge

“Paddington has been such a joy to us! We are absolutely in love with him. He is VERY social and loves everyone and every pup!” -The C Family


From Binty x Howdy

“She is so much fun!!! Really cute personality!” -The B Family

“Georgia Sparkle”

From Binty (retired) and Howdy

“Georgia is 3.5 months and doing great. She’s a big girl and VERY good. I think we hit the puppy jackpot with her. She has been incredibly easy to train because she is so smart. Crate training was a breeze because she’s very easy going (in fact, we didn’t even have to do anything besides put her in it). She knows sit, stay, come, drop it, and down. She is so sweet with our kids too (5years and 2.5years). My 5 year old loves to play with her so she’s much more playful with her, but my 2.5 year old was nervous around dogs, and she never opens her mouth while playing with him. It’s really amazing how it’s seems like she is reading each of the kids. She sleeps all night, is potty trained, and very rarely barks.” -The O Family


From Binty and Howdy

“We love him so much! He’s so good with the kids and is super smart. Obviously we (I started it) let him up on the couch… We can’t get enough of his soft fur! He feels like a stuffed teddy bear.” -The H Family


Sunshine Photo

“Getting so big already and her name is Sunshine!! She brightens everyone!” -The W Family


Lola Photo

“Lola is FABULOUS! I can honestly say that this has been the best summer of my adult life and we are absolutely in love with this puppy … she picks up on her training very quickly … and most importantly to me: she loves it! I can’t tell you how many people have told me, “that is the cutest dog”! We definitely agree.” -The J Family