Guardian Program

UPDATE: We are currently searching for a guardian family for 1 female puppy for Spring 2024.

What is a “Guardian Home?”

In short, a guardian home is a permanent, lifelong home for a dog that is part of our breeding program. We place our best puppy with a family free of charge, and in exchange, the guardians agree to allow the dog to remain part of our breeding program. During the dog’s breeding career, we handle all breeding, birthing and raising of puppies here at the farm. At all other times, the mother dog remains with her own family as a pet.

A guardian home is not a temporary foster home. When we place a puppy with a guardian family, it is our intention that the dog will remain with that family for life.

At Inland Doodles, we are dedicated to having all of our breeding dogs be first and foremost, family members and beloved pets. This means we choose to limit the number of dogs we house in our personal home. In other words, we don’t want our dogs to be “kennel dogs”, who don’t have the luxury of living the life of a pampered pet.

Guardian families get to have “the pick of the litter”, our very best quality dogs, free of charge. In return, they are expected to raise her well, feed her high quality food, and care for her as they would for any beloved pet, and be willing to have her birth and raise her pups to weaning age at our home. It’s a win-win-win for breeder, guardian and breeding dog.

Guardians will raise the puppy until it is of breeding age. The dog will return to us only for breeding, birthing and raising puppies. (This is approximately 8 weeks for each litter.) The rest of the time, the dog will live with their own permanent families. When a dog has finished her breeding career, she will be spayed and the partnership with Inland Doodles will be complete. The dog will continue to living with their family for life.

Our guardian mother dogs will have a total of 4 litters, then retire permanently from breeding at around 3-4 years of age.

This is ideal for both us as breeders, and for guardian families and dogs. We are able to continue our breeding program without accumulating too many dogs of our own, ensuring that every dog in our program is a happy and healthy part of a family.

To be considered to become a permanent guardian for one of our future breeding dogs, you must live within one hour of our home in Colbert, WA, and be able to be somewhat flexible in schedule when it’s time for breeding (Mother Nature is not great at respecting our human timelines!). We handle all transportation for breeding and birthing purposes, and we are also happy to board and care for the dog when you are out of town. This gives her a chance to be comfortable in our home, which can be very helpful when it’s time for her to give birth

Please reach out by email and tell us a bit about yourself if you think you would be a good match to partner with us in raising a puppy to be a part of our breeding program. We have more info and are happy to talk further.

Click HERE to contact us about becoming a guardian